SFGATE.Com Interview

Do You Have a Bucket List?

If you don't have a Bucket List, you should start one. Sometimes things just happen. Now coming up with a Bucket List was a challenge for me. After all,  aren't Bucket Lists part reality, part fantasy, and part insanity?

Here's living proof:  

    Rick's Bucket List #23 -- Be featured for my Night Skies photographs in sfgate.com

What are those odds? I once firmly believed being hit by lightning or winning the big multi-million dollar Powerball Lottery had better odds then being featured in sfgate.com

Why would anyone want to interview me? (I still ponder that question late at night.) Is it because of my celebrity status? (Get Real) Is it because they are hard up for content? (Good possibility) Is it because a guy who sloshes around the swamps and bayous of Louisiana and travels to the incredible hot, blazing sun and desert of Joshua Tree National Park in Joshua Tree, California smack dab in the middle of summer to shoot the Night Skies, Milky Way, and Perseids Meteor shower might make a good story for viewers to read? (Now we are on to something)

That's what the editors at sfgate.com were banking on. Human interest versus Reality.

So here's the article. Enjoy the read.

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