It's Amazing Out There Photo Contest

The Weather Channel's "It's Amazing Out There Photo Contest" in partnership with Toyota is one heck of a photography contest. This is the 6th year for the TWC contest. This contest honors pictures that speak to the power and beauty of our planet and our place within it. More than 34,000 pictures were entered.

I'm not sure what word came to mind when I learned my photo of lightning over Lake Pontchartrain was a Top 50 finalist. I know it wasn't "amazing." That is a word never linked to me. You know what I mean?

"Stunned" is a better word. In all seriousness, it's a pretty dang good photo. The night was magical on Lake Pontchartrain near Metairie, Louisiana. The non-stop lightning show lasted over three hours. Lightning danced from cloud to cloud. Powerful bolts arched from the heavens to the water below. 

Click, click, click...picture, picture, picture. 

Looking back on that night, it was amazing.

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