Hit Me With Your Best Shot Contest

"Jump Day" is "The Moment" picture. It's that moment in time, frozen, and captured forever. 

It was a chilly Sunday morning in April 2018. I am in Couturie Forest in New Orlean's City Park. I had packed my camera gear and was ready to leave my location. Momma Duck's verbal non-stop quacking not only grabbed my attention, but also the attention of the sight unseen little ducklings who had hatched the previous day. (Baby ducks remain in their nest until the morning after hatching.) 

Just the day before, my new baby the Nikon D850 arrived by UPS. It was on backorder for two months. I was taking it for a test drive. Now my dream camera was in my cold and shaking hands. If a casual hiker walking by saw me fumbling and stumbling with the settings, they would have witnessed quite a show. But it's not about me (even though it should be), it's about "Jump Day."

Oh what a sight! In a blink of an eye, out they came! Cllinging with their sharp claws and bracing with tails, they jumped from their man-made nest box to the water below! "The Moment" captured of these little ducklings first adventure into the wild. 

Thinking back on that morning, I wished I had spent more time learning how to operate my new dream machine.The picture is flawed in many ways--focus, composition, settings, etc. Trust me. I can go on and on. In the end though, I captured "The Moment." I was there for "The Moment." I learned from "The Moment." I'll be better prepared for the next "Moment."

I would like to thank the fine folks at the Associated Louisiana Artists Art Gallery and the Gulf Coast Bird Club of Lake Charles, Louisiana. They sponsored the "Hit Me With Your Best Shot"  photography contest. The contest was developed for the promoting of bird/nature photography of the Gulf Coast Birds which frequent Louisiana and Texas. The editorial staff at Bird Watcher's Digest judged the photographs. It's a magazine for birders based in Marietta, Ohio. Visit them at www.birdwatchersdigest.com.

"Jump Day" received a Third Place award. It was exhibited on the walls of the ALA Gallery by the Lake thrilling school kids and customers (So I was told) from October 14th-December 31st, 2018.

It now hangs on my wall. A frozen reminder of "The Moment".