8th Annual National Park Photo Contest

The National Park Trips Media received over 3,000 photo entries in the 8th Annual National Park photo Contest. My picture, "Stunning Sunset in Joshua Tree National Park", was one of ten pictures receiving an Honorable mention.

Here's the story behind the picture. But first, here's the picture. Sunset in Joshua Tree National Park

Dinner ran late. The sun was slipping on the horizon. The race was on to get the last few minutes of a spectacular sunset in Joshua Tree National Park. Time was ticking down. Tick. Tock. Tick. Tock.

I bailed out of the car grabbing my camera. No time for a tripod. I ran across the road. (I didn't bother to look both ways. Yes. Stupid.) I stopped. I ran another 30 yards. I stopped. I caught my breath. I quickly scanned the location. Perfect.

Click, click, click....

I moved another 15 yards to my right.


In a blink of an eye darkness fell on Joshua Tree National Park.

Heres a link. It'll take you to all of the finalists. More info and the Winners