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Welcome to my website. Take a look around. Enjoy!
Rick Erbach is an award winning journalist, wildlife and landscape photographer. His Nikon cameras and lenses, Really Right Stuff tripods, and his bag stuffed with extra accessories are always within his reach. Rick's critical eye, attention to detail, and creative passion to travel to the unknown and back with that exclusive one of a kind picture is legendary.

What? Really?

Truth be told... I have a full time job as a News Director at WGNO-TV in New Orleans, Louisiana. It's a great job. I meet interesting and not so interesting people. News changes in the blink of an eye. I enjoy visual stories and storytelling through pictures and words. But the job can be stressful at times. I needed a stress buster at the end of the day. So....

In 2015, I started taking pictures with my iPhone 6 of my Boston Terrier named "Snickers." He soon got bored of me taking his pictures. Snickers ran when he saw me coming. So I started taking pictures of birds in my backyard. Soon they flew away when they saw me coming. I then moved to the shores of Lake Pontchartrain and shot sunsets. The sun saw me coming and sank faster and faster on the horizon.

This was an omen. It was time to step up to a new camera. I bought a Nikon D3300. Wow! It was on deep discount! (Why did I buy a Nikon and not a Canon? The Nikon was on sale.) Two weeks later, Nikon introduced the D3400. No one or any thing ran away. It was a great entry level camera. It's still my bag today. I learned all about those fancy photography terms ISO, shutter, manual, program, bulb, etc. I scoured the internet for tips, helpful information, and how to videos. My pictures got better. Friends and co-workers applauded me. Well, sometimes....

I now chase wildlife, birds, sunsets, landscapes and the Dark Night Skies with my Nikon D850 and Nikon 750 cameras and assortment of lenses.

Now here in SE Louisiana we have a lot of critters and bugs that fly around or slither through the bayous. So far, I haven't been bitten or chased but there have been a few close calls. The only bug that I haven't fallen prey too are mirrorless cameras. So far, my Backwoods and Bayou repellant have kept them away from me and my camera bag. One of these days, Nikon will come out with one that will grab my attention and take a bite out of my wallet. Until then, I am exteremly pleased with my Nikon rigs day and night.

This is my web site. I hope you enjoy my pictures. My photos are distributed through various worldwide stock photo businesses. Please don't borrow or steal. Drop me a line and let's see what we can do.
RIP Snickers. Your pictures bring back a lifetime of memories.

Photo Usage

Don't steal my pictures. That's not cool. Here's what you may or may not do with the photos on this site. If you have any questions, email me at rick@rickerbachphotography.net

Please note – All photos on this site are copyrighted by me and can not be used without permission unless otherwise noted below.

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If you would like to use one of my images (in whole or in part) on a website, there are two options.

Option 1 – Free Usage – You can use any of my photos on any non-offensive website (no porn, political, racial, hate sites, etc) for free simply by providing a link under the photo that says “Photo provided by Rick Erbach Photography” and linking that phrase to https://www.rickerbachphotography.net (or the photos homepage here on the site). Please note that even under free usage, you must contact me and let me know where the image is being used.

Option 2 – Paid Usage – If you would like to use one of my images on your website, but don’t want to include the link as described above, you can license the image for a one-time fee of $25.00. To do so, please contact me and let me know what images you would like to license.

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If you would like to use one or more of my images in an editorial or commercial fashion, please contact me for licensing information. I generally license one-time, non-exclusive rights, although other rights are available. Again, email me at rick@rickerbachphotography.net.


It's an honor when you use my images as your desktop wallpaper! You do not need my specific permission to download and use an image on this site as your own personal desktop wallpaper. 

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If you would like to use the images on my  web site for a graded school project, you don't need my permission. If you are a teacher, you may also use my images as part of your teaching curriculum without my permission provided such usage is limited to your classroom instruction.

Other Usage

For any other usage not specifically covered above, please contact me at rick@rickerbachphotography.net.

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